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Meeting artists in workshops throughout the year is such a joy! I am forever learning and being inspired by those who I work with.

I believe is sharing what I know- don’t hold back or be secretive, I’m here to share what I can and keep learning every day.

I believe in teaching a solid “best practices” so that students can leave the workshop and feel confident it moving their work forward once they are back in their own studio. After a solid foundation is built, I love to stretch out and see how far the medium can be pushed- building on those basic principles.

I’ve been teaching for more then 10 years, covering Introduction workshops as well as Advanced classes geared for the career artist.

Please feel free to email me with questions: cari@carihernandez.com


I’m honored to teach...

2011Teaching Highlights


  1. Sydney 2011

  2. Melbourne 2011

Esalen, Big Sur

  1. 5-day workshop 2011

Kala Art Institute

  1. 2-day Intermediates 2011

MC Encaustics tucson, AZ

  1. Advanced Encaustic 2011


a bit of info...


WAX Twist: advanced encaustic techniques

WAX Twist: Folding, Twisting, Curling

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My artwork and methods have been featured in several publications including:

Encaustic Art: the complete guide to creating fine art with wax,- Lissa Rankin 2010 Watson Guptill

Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility - Daniella Woolf 2010, Waxy Buildup Press

Contemporary Paper & Encaustic - Catherine Nash,  2013

ArtWorks Magazine  - Winter 2006